Something is brewing!

You are invited to come and taste new MANDELA TEA, just arrived in the UK!

The event is being held at Her Citi 
Monday 16th July,
hosted by Debbie, Her Citi and Claire Shepherd, Zuza Trading,
during the week of the
Nelson Mandela Centenary Birthday Celebrations


All tea flavours will be available
and a selection of lovely handcrafted goods and home wares.
Also available at
See you there!


BUSY, busy, busy...

 ... here at MY MEDiA!
    How lucky am I to be channeling my creative flow AND helping clients to REACH . ENGAGE . GROW their businesses online. It is a privilege to be at the start of an idea, a new project or to aid in the development of clients' ventures.
    I am enjoying the ride... thank you!

reach engage  growpng

Creating Media Moments...

The last few days have been so busy!
I have been creating 'media moments', these are what I have named the graphics I am creating for clients, which can contain text relevant to their business, product or service.

Here are a coupe of examples for you to get a first peek, as they have not yet been used in their social media posts or campaigns.


On my mark... get set... PUBLISH!

After weeks of planning, editing amid a general feeling of anticipation, I have just published the all new, spanking my MEDiA website!! YAYY!
I hope you find it easy to navigate and simple and straightforward to understand the business and the services I offer.
Have a good look around and please let me know what you think...

Thanks for dropping by.